Current collaborations

“Health Coaching KHM” is naturally anchored in the area of prevention and in doctors’ practices. The scientific and professional affiliation to the respective centres of excellence [oder lieber “competence centres”?] is important to us. We are therefore pleased that the collaboration between “Health Coaching KHM” and two institutes at the University of Zurich is taking a promising course—namely, the Institute for Family Medicine (under the directorship of Professor Thomas Rosemann) and the Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Prevention Institute under Professor Milo Puhan. Concrete services and projects originating from this collaboration will be presented here in 2016.

An additional collaboration is on the cards with a group around Professor A Monsch of the Academic Section of Geriatric Medicine [okay?] at the University of Basel, which aims to develop a behavioural training programme with the objective of maintaining or improving brain performance to a very old age (working title: “BrainCoach”) and which is hoping to develop joint activities with our programme because we have similar aims and methods. We will keep you posted.